Podcast Director Sam Levrault sat down with Cobey Brown from The Odyssey, a local band based in Tulsa, Oklahoma to talk about their time since Battle of the Bands, upcoming single, "Lately", as well as future shows and plans for the group.

Check out our previous interview with Cobey on our podcast as well.

The Odyssey can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Connection Conversations is an ongoing series by the TCC Connection, TCC's student newspaper based at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Music by The Odyssey, "75 to Ramona" 


Episode edited by Sam Levrault 

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The TCC Connection is a student newspaper based at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


[Intro music, “Ramona to 75” by The Odyssey, fades in and continues to play in background]


Sam:  Welcome to Connection Conversations, a series apart of the TCC Connection podcast, I’m your host, Sam Levrault, Podcast Director, as well as associate editor for our metro campus. Today’s episode covers a recent interview with Cobey Brown, fellow TCC student, and member of local band, The Odyssey. We’re gonna talk about their new single, “Lately” coming out on May 11th, along with other future plans for the band. They are also to thank for the intro music for our podcast.


[Background music fades out…]


Hey Cobey, what’s up?


Cobey:       How’s it going?


Pretty good, pretty good…

So, it’s your second time on, welcome back. Let’s talk about the band a little bit, what’s been going on since the Battle of the Bands, what you have been working on, as well as some upcoming plans for summer.


For sure…


Since we last talked, you guys played at Norman Music Festival, right? How was that?


It was really cool, we had this show originally scheduled to play on the 26th at The Resonator, they block off like all of main street in Norman, and like every building they have there is a venue. But we had to switch it since we had a show at The Rino in Kansas City, the night before, but by the time we got to the Norman Music Fest we were all running on like two or three hours of sleep and we were ready to go.


It was a lot of fun, we played inside the Sooner Theatre and we got a surprising amount of people that actually showed up in there because most of the time the outdoor venues get all of the people. It was a super cool venue; the biggest one we’ve played in a while.


Cool, so you were at the Rino in KC, Kansas City, and you’ve already played in Kansas City before…


Yeah, and the first time we played was actually a house show I think we talked about last time. And like I said, it was straight out of a movie scene, like it was in a basement, by this guy named Isaac, and he just let, like, four bands play and it was super cool, and everyone was supportive.


So, this was the first time we went to play in an actual venue, and I just gotta say, like the experience I’ve had in Kansas City so far, everyone was great. Like everyone’s been super nice, the people who worked at the venue were cool, and Kid Computer, it was their EP release, they just had like the coolest fans down there, we’re starting to snatch some of them away a little bit, I think… Yeah, we’re gonna have to get them down to Tulsa soon.


The main reason we’re talking is you’ve got a single coming out, May 11th, we kind of teased it before, but it’s called, “Lately”, so now that you’ve gone through the process of recording it and all that, did it turn out how you wanted?


Yes, and it turned out different than I thought it would, and I’m really glad. Whenever I wrote the song, it’s not a pop song, but it’s less focused on just the guitar, at least until the end, but there’s a special ending.


Throughout the song, it’s kind of driven just by the full instrumental, the drums and the groove of the bass, and the keys, and the aura in the background instead of, like, a guitar riff, which I really like. And as I wrote the song, it was about an experience that I hadn’t’ really had. It was just imagining an experience. And then as we were recording the song, I actually experienced exactly what I was writing about. So, we changed some of the things in the production, I was able to kind of make it make more sense to myself, so now the song actually feels more personal to me, which is pretty cool.


The song is kind of about confidence, and the lack thereof sometimes, and so as the song progresses, you slowly see more of a confidence in myself as the writer, or whoever the narrator is of the song.


You know, a lot of the time when people listen to music, you think of yourself as being the person saying the words, and all that, so it’s like growing in confidence as the song goes on.


And so that’s how the recording process ended up going, I was more sure of how I wanted it, as I went on.


So now that it’s out, you’re like, ‘I’m really confident in it, I finished it’…


Yes, I’m really happy with it, and now we’re just waiting on the final mix today, pretty much… small little details that I knit-pick, over and over again. Tyler Reynolds has been super cool, patient, which is important.


What’s also exciting is the day you let out the single, you have a show in Spinster Records, right? Did you already know the single was going to come out then? [nope.] Let’s let it out the same day as the show


We scheduled the show awhile back because I was thinking of when all my college friends would be back, and we could get a fun crowd and have a fun time. We did a luau show last year, but it was at my house.


A little bit of a different setup.


A little bit different, but now this time we get to do Spinster and they like to do themed shows, and I was like, that’s the perfect place.


It’s a cool place, it really is.


Yeah, it’s awesome, and there’s opportunity for cool pictures and there’s a fun little stage we enjoy playing at even though we can hardly fit. That’s kind of the fun part.


But we’re also playing just a couple hours before our Spinster show, at Rooster Days in BA, so I was like, it really helps promote the shows and the single at the same time, whenever you just do them on the same day.


Like, ‘hey, you know that song we just played, it just came out today’


Yeah, at midnight…


After that, I saw you recently announced at the Vanguard, later in May, on the 26th, right?




I noticed a lot of these shows, you’re sharing them with a lot of bands that were also at the Battle of the Bands, or like, bands whose names have been thrown around, so have you noticed that has been a sort of community growing between all of you all?


Yeah, absolutely. Since battle of the bands, everyone was so cool, I didn’t meet a single person there that wasn’t supportive of the other bands. And that was a really good experience. Especially, you know, people that I know, obviously, Sam Smith, awesome dude, and obviously Quinton Hoagland, I’ve gotten to know them quite a bit better since then.


Is it a little easier to do shows when you already know somebody on there?


Yes, because I can just like text them if I have their number. We go to TCC with a lot of these people, so that’s been good too to get relationships with people and bands and know them personally instead of just know their songs…


Any other summer plans?


We have a show that I’m really excited for that isn’t announced. It’s gonna be at the Vanguard. I’m not going to say when, we just have to get a poster made and get the vibe figured out. Cause we already have all the bands picked out, and it’s a summer show, so…


So, keep a look out.


Yes, keep a look out, I’m excited for that one.


But other than that, we are recording more music this month, and in exactly two weeks we’re going back to Sam Westhoff and we’re gonna record two more singles. I know what one of them is going to be, the other one we’re still decid9ing.


Maybe it will be like “Lately”, where you go in and you kind of have an idea, and then think, ‘wait a minute…’


That’s kind of what we’re thinking about right now. It’s kind of just whatever feels right. Trying to get better at that, then just having our whole plan set. Trying to make it work. We’re releasing “lately” at the beginning of summer, then hopefully in the next [couple of] months we’re releasing the ones were going to record.


I just remembered, when we last talked, you were talking about kind of changing how you perform so it feels more like an experience, or a story, have you done that with the last couple of shows you’ve played? Are you looking forward to showing that in the next couple?


Yes, and we’re still working on it even more, finding more ways we can be entertaining. Doing more shows, I discover how to let loose a little bit more each time, and I’m trying to figure out how I can be more mobile. Because, I’m playing guitar and singing at the same time, and then doing these things, and some of these songs are really hard to do that on, and some aren’t. So I’m trying to find places where I can be more fun to watch, and interesting. I don’t want our performances to be choreographed, but I want there to be moments that are always special. Like we know something special is gonna happen, here, when we’re playing this, or not something we have to plan out,


Whatever feels right…


Yeah, just an energy thing.


Maybe jumping off the drum stand.


Yeah, maybe jumping off the drum stand like Derek did.


Well, make sure everybody stays tuned, check out, I know I’ve mainly followed on Instagram, its where I’ve seen most of it happen


That’s where we’re most active.


So that’s @theodysseymusic


Just keep an eye on the Instagram, that’s usually where everything is announced. The Facebook is @theodysseymusicband, because apparently there’s already a better the odyssey music on Facebook… I don’t know….


It helps us a lot with our growth, especially with Spotify, we’ve gotten a lot of new listeners from playlists, and things like that. The way we’ve been placed on them is by people saving our songs and putting them on playlists, and sharing them. You know, when the song comes out, if you really want to support it and you actually like it, which I believe everyone will, just throwing it on a playlist and saving it.


Throw it on a couple playlists…


Yeah, for sure, can get us to the next level, that’s how it’s happened so far.


That’s pretty much all we’re hoping for.


I think that’s it, thanks for coming again.


Thank you, Sammy, I appreciate you, once again.


I look forward to hearing the new single.


I’m excited too. Maybe you can hear it early….


I’d love that.


[music, “Ramona to 75” by The Odyssey, fades in and continues in background.]


Once again, thanks to Cobey Brown from The Odyssey. I’m Sam Levrault, you’re host with the TCC Connection, you can check us out online at our website, tccconnection.com. Our podcast is also available on Podbean, as well as most streaming platforms.


Thanks for listening, and until next time, this has been, Connection Conversations.


[music plays & fades out to the end.]




Episode edited by Sam Levrault 

Check out The TCC Connection online at http://tccconnection.com/

The TCC Connection is a student newspaper based at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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