Local Tulsa bands, The Odyssey and Hoarseman (Hoarseman & The Heard), stop by the TCC Connection office at Tulsa Community College to talk about the local music scene, the challenges of creating an exciting and interesting atmosphere for audiences during stage performances, as well as provide a preview for their upcoming End of Summer Bash at The Vanguard in the Tulsa Arts District on August 9th.

The Odyssey (Cobey Brown & Derek Johnson) are an alternative blues band from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hoarseman (Quinton Hoagland) is the frontman and founding member of Hoarseman and the Heard, an alternative art rock band based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Check out The TCC Connection online at http://tccconnection.com/

The TCC Connection is a student newspaper based at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Directed & Edited by: Sam Levrault
Sound: Sam Levrault

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